Butter Has Waited Long Enough.......... The Wait Is Over!

Eat Healthy and Eat Fresh

• Save money
• Maintain your diet
• Keep butter and margarine fresh
• Healthier cooking
• No more messy butter trays
• Apply Butter directly to everyday foods

  • Why use Butter Up?

    Why use Butter Up?

    Eat Fresh and Healty “Butter Up” is a new way to store, measure and apply butter and margarine […]

  • Short Video

    Short Video

    Give it a minute…we would love to know what you think?

  • About Us

    About Us

    This stuff is fun for us… We started it as a fun project and we want to keep […]

Everyone Can Use Butter Up

• Easy to load
• Easy to measure
• Easy and fun to apply
• Easy to clean - dishwasher safe